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Examples Of Medium In Writing

The plural form is media, and the term is also known as a channel. The medium used to send a message may range from an individual's voice, writing, clothing, and body language to forms of mass communication such as newspapers, television, and the internet. Communication Media Changes Over Time

  • For example, you might choose from one of the following: Email; Fax; Postal mail; Registered mail; Hand delivery; Internal mail service; Examples of a Medium That Exist Today. Using communication in the business world as an example, there is no shortage of medium to use when crafting your written communication. Here are a few examples:

  • Medium and Format Presenting your work appropriately suggests a professional approach and an understanding of the medium and format for which you are writing Contents Script Examples Film TV Drama...

  • Consider the following list of questions as a checklist that will help you target your writing to a particular audience and construct your writing accordingly: Whom are you writing to? What is your audience’s life background? Are they educated? Do they have certain life experiences that may affect what and how you address them in your writing?

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